Disciple Nights

We are a study group led by Rev. Chris Roth.

Our goal is to learn to become better disciples of Jesus.

Please join us!

Reverend Chris Roth is leading a "Justice for the Poor" Bible Study by

Jim Wallis and Sojourners and his YouTube videos.

In Justice for the Poor, learn to respond in faith to poverty in your area and around the world.


When the wealthy are dying from diseases of overabundance and the poor are dying from inadequate health care, poor diets, and stress-related illnesses, there is spiritual disease in society.


Justice for the Poor recaptures the biblical vision that links poverty with justice. Jesus' life and teaching shows a deep compassion toward the poor and marginalized. His messages often highlight the injustices done to the poor and the prejudices the well-off have against them. How can we learn from the poor? What is our responsibility to care for the poor and to advocate for justice on their behalf?


In this six-session DVD, designed for use with the Justice for the Poor Participant's Guide, Jim Wallis and Sojourners will engage your small group to take action.


Sessions include:

1. Burger King Mom: Being Poor in America

2. Is There Something Wrong With the Prosperity Gospel?

3. At the Corner of Church and State: What's the Proper Role of Each in Caring for the Poor?

4. The Gospel According to New Orleans

5. Outside the Gate: The Poor and the Global Economy

6. Beyond "Serial Charity" to a Just Society


Jim Wallis, editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine, an award-winning publication that covers cutting-edge topics in faith, politics, social justice, art, and community from a deeply biblical and ethical grounding. Learn more at www.sojo.netShow less

If you are interested in joining, please contact the Office.