Parish Council Members 2019

Meet our Parish Council

Parish Council is made up of elected members of the congregation, and two appointed members.  The Rector's/Incumbent's Warden is appointed, along with the Parish Treasurer.  Council members are elected for alternating two year terms to provide a consistency in overlapping years.  Members attend the meetings of the Parish Council and  participate in the deliberations at such meetings.  All Parish Council meetings are open to all members of the Parish, and everyone is invited and encouraged to attend, to listen, and to voice opinions.  They converse about the issues of the Parish and represent the best interests of the Parishioners and the Parish in all matters that come before Council for decision, and participate in the execution and implementation of decisions made by the Council or the Parishioners.  Parish Council meets on the third Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise noted, at 6:30 pm.









Karen and I have been at St Leonard's since 2015 and I am excited to be able to get involved and help in any way I can and I know Karen is of the same mindset.






Parish Council Minutes 2019

St. Leonard’s-On-The Hill Anglican Church

Parish Council Meeting Summary










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