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The Mustard Seed

We support The Mustard Seed in Red Deer, AB by volunteering our time for various functions that need our physical support, such as cleaning, meal preparation, serving meals and so on.

Throughout the year we help provide donations and items needed.

We are always looking for more volunteers,

please contact the Office for the Rep info.


Coldest Night of the Year 2024
Thank you to our team and supporters!

CNOY 2024
CNOY 2024
CNOY 2024
CNOY 2024
CNOY 2024
CNOY 2024

Meal Service

Items Needed

School Lunch Program

A list of items needed, address and hours of operation are available HERE

The Mustard Seed

School Lunch Program August 2022 - June 2023

From Barbara Bosch, SLP Coordintor 


We have prepared and delivered 94,744 lunches the past school year!! (from Aug 10– June 29) . This is huge! So many full tummies at school because of you, your hard work and dedication!  Our biggest day was an incredible 621 lunches.  Wow!!


I would like to share some interesting stats with you. 


In the 2022 – 2023 school year, we used the following:

  • 307 cases of cheese slices   - $ 14,235.59 worth

  • 613 cases of apples -               $34,548.25

  • 90     Pails of jam -                    $ 6,162.74

  • 78,729  dozen buns                  $187,365.02

  • 58 X  15 kg  Pails of margarine  =  $ 3,677.20 (almost 2000 lbs!)

  • 132    Cases of ham =  $ 13,069.47  (purchased ham only - does not include donated ham)

  • 171    Cases of turkey = $ 19,196.21 (purchased turkey only - does not include donated turkey)

  • An average of 250 lbs of carrots each week – totalling a huge  9250 lbs in a year!! That’s a lot of carrot sticks!!!

Mustard Seed Stats 2021.jpeg

And also Volunteers for:
Afternoon Coffee (12-3pm), Cleaning Dishes (11am-1pm or 1-3pm or 4-7:30pm). 

Past Events

CNOY 2022_edited.jpg

We formed a team to participate in

The Coldest Night of the Year

to help raise funds for the most vulnerable citizens of Red Deer, AB.

In February 2022 we raised


So Blessed...

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