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What to Expect on your First Visit

St. Leonard's NE

The parking lot is at the East side of the Church.

St. L's North View

North Entrance where the Elevator is located.

Bike Rack.JPG

Bike Parking

Inside Sanctuary

Inside view from the North Entrance.

Elevator is to the left at the back.

There is car and bicycle parking on the East side. And we have an elevator inside the North entrance landing. See photos. You will meet our Greeters and Ushers who will give you a bulletin with the Order of Service. If you are hearing impaired there are headsets available to hear everything said through the mic. Just ask the Greeters where to get one.

Children are welcome! We do have bags with quiet toys, books and puzzles available at the back of the church. If your child is overly fussy, we do have a cozy Nursery in the basement. The Priest invites the children to come to the front and spend a bit of time sharing a story that relates to the readings of the day. They can go to Sunday School, Nursery or stay with you after the visit finishes. And they will certainly enjoy the distribution of Jelly Beans before they run off!


There are two rows of pews with a total capacity for 120 people. The whole service is displayed on the TV Monitors situated on each side of the church, so you won't need a book to follow along.

There are men's and women's washrooms on the upper level equipped with change tables. And there are two single washrooms in the basement with one having a change table.


At the beginning of the Service, the Choir enters. Then there is the procession of the Book of Gospels and Priest to the Altar at the front of the Church. The priest conducts the service.

There is an Offering. The Ushers will come with baskets that are passed among us. The Offering supports the work of the Church, which also supports Community Projects. There are blank envelopes available in each pew if you would like a charitable receipt at the end of the year.

The Priest will explain parts of the Mass as it goes, and in particular when it is time for Holy Communion. If you choose to participate, you can receive it with your hands held out or have it placed on your tongue. The Priest will say, "This is the Body of Christ". The response is, "Amen." There is gluten free bread available as well. The second sacrament offered is the wine or grape juice on request with the Server saying, "This is the Blood of Christ." You can take a sip or make a sign of the cross over it with the bread in your hand. Or you can simply cross your arms over your chest to receive a blessing from the Priest.

When the Service is finished people will leave via either of the two exits. The exit at the back is where the Priest will greet people as they leave. There is a free coffee time in the basement after as well. We hope you will join us!

If you have anymore questions just send us an email or call. That info is at the bottom of this page.

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